So you think that a surfboards performance would be enhanced if the surface of the board was "dimpled" like a golf ball for example?
In Advanced - Asked by Mike Tidwell


This one was so interested, we opened it up to on our facebook page. A special thanks to all those who took part in the discussion. Dimples on a golf ball work a little like airplane wings, and change the air pressure surrounding the object to give it upwards lift. This allows golf balls to be hit farther than if they were smooth. Think of something like the LZR Racer that Michael Phelps wears for the Olympics. Materials can be designed to reduce drag in the water. What's interesting is the "shark-skin" design for different materials. For example, in Germany, they developed shark skin windmills, to help them spin more efficiently. There is word that dimples, on a micro-level (not large dimples) may help reduce drag on a surfboard, and provide a speed increase. Stay tuned!