After surfing, should i rinse my board with fresh water? Someone tried telling me that salt will deteriorate the resin on your board. I think salt has no affect on fiberglass resin. Who is right? Should I rinse my board after every session?
In Beginner - Asked by Kevin


Salt water is corrosive to your board! Sure it's protected, but don't risk it! If you want your board to stay new for a long time, then a good practice to get into is rinsing it with a fresh water hose after you surf, and keeping it out of the sun. Also, if you are rinsing the surfboard off at home, remember to spray your car down, too. Salt water dripping onto your car can be corrosive to your set of wheels. You paid an arm and a leg for it - keep your surfboard in good shape and rinse it down. As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention saves a pound of trouble.