hi i just switched from long board to shortboard and i seem to be doing weel other than the fact that when i am catching a wave i am not sure when to pop up i just ride the wave on my belly because i am not sure when you should pop up on the wave
In Intermediate - Asked by jacob


When we pop up on a longboard, we are forgiven if our pop up is slow, rigid, and at the wrong time. This is simply due to the huge size of the board. Unfortunately, with a shortboard, precision matters - a lot. You're catching the wave at a steeper point, which means missing the exact moment can make a difference. The first thing you're going to want to do is practice on dry land. A lot. The pop up should be fast and fluid. Practice getting your hands to the side of your bottom ribs and BOOM - pop to your feet. Balance matters, both rail to rail, nose to tail, and how you are standing now matters. The best thing you can do right now is NOT give up. Shortboards can be tough to learn, but the fruits of their reward is good and plenty. Practice, practice, and practice. If you can surf many times a week - keep at it! You'll be popping up like second nature in no time. Remember - one fast, fluid motion!