SurfSciecne is a project that started when a few average surfers decided that they wanted to learn more about the sport they loved. In the Spring of 2009 we took on the task of learning everything we could about surfing and recording it for other surfers to learn from. We wanted to make it easy for you to learn the same things we had.

We don't claim to know everything, far from it, but its our goal to learn as much as we can. We're not scientists because we have all of the answers, we're scientists because we're actively searching for knowledge. That is what scientists do, ask questions, test hypothesis and let other people know about what they've learned.

Over the year's we've developed a number of tools that are useful for surfers; the Board Rack, Surfboard Match & Best Surfboards Feature are all a result of ideas growing on each other. We now have a directory with over 1,500 surfboard models and more than 5,000 user generated reviews. With this information, we are able to help you find a surfboard that will work for YOU!

Want to learn something else? Ask us a question, if we can't answer you, we will find someone that can. That's what SurfScience.com is about.

The SurfScience.com Team

John - John has been surfing for nearly a decade. His curiosity led him on a quest for information about surfboard shapes in search of the answer to the ever allusive question, "Am I riding the best surfboard for me?". John's desire to learn more about surfboards and share that information in a clean and logical manner was a driving force behind SurfScience.com. John has a degree in Finance & International Business from USC's Marshall School of Business. He is the co-founder of Philippines Real Estate website ZipMatch and currently lives in Manila.


Sam - Sam is the true researcher of the SurfScience.com team. His diligent searching and ability to absorb huge amounts of information has resulted in many of the articles featured throughout the site. He is a talented interviewer and has had a chance to speak with many of surfing's legends such as MR, Jeff Clark and Bill Stewart. Sam has a Masters in Sports Management from the University of San Francisco.


Greg - Greg is the marketing guru behind SurfScience.com. He has been involved from day one, helping to organize the information and share it with others. He is frequently spotted at surfing events, surf movie premieres and anywhere else that crowds of surfers gather. He has also been known to shape an experimental board or two. Follow what he's been up to lateley on his Blog.



Bert Burger - A world renown shaper, Bert Burger won Surfer Magazine's Shaper of the Year in 2007. His 25+ year career of surfboards shaping is noted for innovation in composite construction and parabolic stringers. His content on SurfScience.com is rich in surfboard theory and complex ideas.



Scott Coleman - Scott has been surfing for over 20 years, and has over 10 years of experience in sports physiotherapy, working with numerous elite athletes in Australia from Olympic gold medalists to Rugby Union players. In 2008 he completed a post graduate scholarship at the Biomechanics Department of the Australian Institute of Sport, assisting in the preparation of the Australian Olympic team.


Martin Dunn - Martin has coached elite level surfers of all ages over the past 25 years. His students include WQS & WCT surfers including his own son, Ben Dunn, who surfed on the tour against the world's top surfers. He was selected to be the Australian team coach twice, giving him a chance to work with many up and coming stars of the sport. Martin's articles on SurfScience.com focus on technique and how to improve your surfing.


Ashley - A true longboarder, Ashley helps bring a classic perspective to the SurfScience.com team. Her articles feature topics that hit the heart and soul of surfing.



Code Monkeys - To make a site like SurfScience.com run smoothly, we employ a group of well trained and fully capable code monkeys. They enjoy eating bananas, surfing at Old Man's in San Onofre and fixing bugs on the site. We couldn't do it without them! They are certainly the hardest working primates in the surf industry.