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Shapers - Publish your surfboards in our directory

  • Exposure. Get exposure for your surfboards in front of thousands of surfers looking to buy a new board
  • Increase sales. We send our site’s visitors directly to your site. (By then they have already researched the board, so that means less work for you)
  • Find Customers. Enter your surfboards into the “ Surfboard Match” to be paired with surfers based on their specific skills and wave conditions
  • Branding. Build brand recognition as your logo and name appear to users around the world on the #1 surfboard resource
  • Get more publicity. Get an Editor’s review from our diverse team of trusted surfboard reviewers
  • Its 100% FREE for shapers! Surfboards are the heart of the industry so we want to look out for all of the shapers around the world.
  • We at SurfScience are happy to offer this service to our surfing community. We believe helping surfers discover new surfboards will help add some stoke to the sport.

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Surf Instructors - Be part of our community

  • Get the attention of surfers looking to improve. By posting comments and reviews, you can demonstrate your expertise and gain free exposure to surfers in your area.
  • Get featured. We will be building up the community by featuring interviews with our loyal community members. Nothing tops free article exposure and linkbacks to your website.
  • Get more eyeballs on your brand. Registering will allow you to set a profile logo which will display wherever you comment. The more you interact, the more people see your brand.
  • It’s 100% FREE! SurfScience is a community resource dedicated to helping people surf better. What better way to help people get better than having coaches connect with surfers online, so they can later connect in the water. Register with SurfScience to meet surfers in the community and connect with them later in the water.
  • Simply start by registering here.

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