I just bought my first surfboard and I don't know how to wax it. Do I put it on the bottom like I do with my snowboard?
In Beginner - Asked by Charlie


No you do not. The wax on the surfboard is there to help you from slipping off when the board gets wet. You want it on the deck of the board and you want it on there thick and bumpy. There are some good techniques to do this and you will find some people are very particular, but in all honesty, it doesn't matter too much. Here is the SurfScience wax lesson. Step 1: Buy wax, any brand works, make sure its right temperature though, otherwise it might end up too soft. Step 2: Rub it all over the top of your board. You can move your hand in circles or lines or whatever, just get it on there, its easier if you put the longer side of the wax down. Step 3: Go surf. Simple. See you in the water.