What kind of beaches and swells are best for learning to surf?
In Beginner - Asked by Daniel


Unfortunately, most decent surf breaks are going to be crowded most of the time. There's really no way to get around it. You just have to be patient for your share of waves and be respectful to other surfers by practicing proper surf etiquette. As for the types of waves that are best to learn on, size is an important consideration. Anything below 3 feet in height is a good wave for a beginner. A softer, rolling or mushy wave that will give the surfer plenty of time to paddle, stand up and maneuver is more ideal for beginners. Waves that are steep, hollow, walled, or closes out quickly is not a good wave for beginners to learn on. A good indication of a good beginner waves is a spot with a bunch of surfers riding long boards. A surf spot where there are no longboarders and mostly shortboarders is a good indication that the waves are not good for beginners.