How hard is it to learn how to surf? I am pretty athletic and I've always picked up in new sports fast. How difficult is it to pick up surfing?
In Beginner - Asked by Brian Sullivan


It definitely depends from person to person. If you have a good instructor, you could pick it up your first day. It helps immensely to have a surf instructor show you to right spots and maybe give you a push or two to start off until you get the hang of it. If you try it without an instructor, it may take you a bit longer. Also it will depend greatly on wave size and conditions. If you go out in small manageable surf that are slow and soft (great for beginners) it will be much easier. If you go out there is large surf in harry conditions, well you may not even be able to paddle out to catch your first wave. Kids also tend to pick up on surfing much faster than adults do. Even though you may learn to ride your first wave quickly, remember that surfing has one of the longest learning curve. So get out there and practice as much as you can because it will most likely take you more than a year to really get the hang of it.