Hey I've been surfing for some time now and had some questions on bigger waves. My main question is how do people get to the outside when the waves are double over head or just big. How do people duck dive these bigger waves at places such as pipe or bells beach when the waves are bigger. Finally any tips on going after bigger waves?
In Advanced - Asked by Matt


Bigger waves are a challenge for any surfer. Typically people only surf bigger waves in places where they can paddle out in a channel. Because of that they don't have to duck dive every single wave. When they do have to duck dive, they just push down really hard, or sometimes dive under and act as an anchor for their board. The second way isn't recommended if there are other surfers near you. If you want to start surfing bigger waves, work your way up slowly. You'll need to get a step up to ride 10ft+ faces and once you're comfortable there, you can go to 15ft, 20ft and up. Make sure you are a strong paddler and can hold your breath well, those skills are clutch when surfing big waves.