Is surfing expensive? Surfing looks like a lot of fun and I want to try it.
In Beginner - Asked by Heime


Unlike golf, where you typically have to pay every time you get on a golf course, the ocean is free to use. Once you've acquired the necessary equipment you need, the only cost you typically have to cover is your transportation cost to get to your favorite surf spot. Finding the perfect surf spot for your skill level is not easy because there aren’t too many so you may have to drive a distance. You can expect to spend anywhere between $400 (on the low end) to $1000 and then some (on the high end) on a brand new board. Used surfboards will cost you approximately half of what it cost brand new depending on the condition. Nowadays, a good wetsuit can easily run you $300 to $450dollars but you can find some lower end suits for close to a hundred. Other than that, they is no other substantial expenses until you get into surf travel so don't worry. Go out there and have fun.