What is the downside of buying an epoxy board?
In Intermediate - Asked by Jose


This really depends on your skill level. If you're a beginner, you're probably not going to tell the difference between an epoxy surfboard and a traditional foam surfboard in terms of performance. However, using an epoxy board will be more advantageous. The board used epoxy resin instead of traditional polyester resin which makes it more durable. This makes it much more ding resistance and being that you're a beginner, you're probably likely to eventually run into someone or something. Epoxy's are also lighter with less density at its core which makes it more buoyant. As a beginner, all the extra help you can get paddling is welcomed. However, some surfers complain that epoxy boards are not ideal in choppy conditions due to its high buoyancy . You'll feel a lack of control and often times you get bounced off your board when you hit a bump.