After I hurt my back, I started putting allot more pressure on my back foot when getting to my feet. A friend told me my next board should have a little more volume in the tail to compensate. Is this correct?
In Advanced - Asked by Steve


There are a few ways you can handle this. If you now ride with more of a back footed approach, you might want to consider moving the wide point of your surfboard back a bit. If this is only an issue when popping up, it would probably be easier to correct your form than to change the board. Popping up only lasts a few seconds, while your ride is what you are really concerned with. It would stink to change your board shape to make popping up easier on your injury, just to have your surfing take a major hit. Try working on strengthening the muscles in your lower back and increasing the flexibility in your legs, this will allow you to correct your pop up and surf like you are used to once again. P.S. here is an article that talks a bit about front vs back footed surfing.