I was wondering how to hold your breath longer just like the big wave surfers?
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Holding your breath longer is essential when you are surfing big waves and getting held under but even in small waves a big lung capacity is valuable. There are two things you want to work on. The first is making sure you take a breath at the right time, it doesn't matter how big your lungs are, if you take a breath too early, your clock starts counting. You want to take a deep breath right before you go underwater, whether you are duck diving or wiping out, take a breath as late as possible. The second factor is your lung size. You can increase this a number of ways including cardiovascular exercise like jogging and biking or by just holding your breath. A fun way is to practice while you watch tv. Try and hold your breath during a commercial. TV commercials are usually 30 seconds so once you can do a whole commercial, try for two.