Ive seen recently that some shapers e.g. are putting channels in the deck of their boards for strength. Can you enlighten me to how this works please???? many thanks Rich
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The theory is this, channels create increased surface area with decreased volume in the board. That means less foam weight but more strength from the fiberglass and resin. Think of it like this, set up two books about 6 inches apart and put a sheet of notebook paper across them. That is your flat surface. Now if you push the paper down so it goes into the channel, you will see more paper is used. In a surfbaord, the paper is really fiberglass which is what gives strength to the board. That allows your rails to be stronger and it plays with the flex pattern as well. It may or may not do something with water flow and at this point a lot of this is just theory, but its a cool idea none the less.