What is the real deal with letting a board cure after its glassed? Does it gas off for days ,weeks or longer? Or does it get as hard as its gonna get as soon as the resin is dry? Thanks for the great write up on stonefish skegs!
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Hey Randy, from talking with our glasses we were told the following. After the resin dries it will need to cure for an extended period of time. During this time you will notice the smell of the resin, once that goes away the board is done "gassing off" or curing. This can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks depending on the conditions. In warm and dry climates it will be faster, while cool humid conditions will prolong the process. Of course, you can take the board out before it is completely finished, sometimes the pros do this at contests where they are having board emergencies, but it is not a good idea for the board in the long run.