What size Surfboard is best for a beginner? I'm 43 years old and I have never surfed before but I figured its better late than never. I'm 5'10", 168 lbs.
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If you haven't already taken surfing classes, I recommend doing so with either a class of students or a private lesson with an instructor. This way you'll get to try out a couple of different boards and you'll have a better idea whether this is a sport you see yourself doing for a while. If so, then I would invest in a long board. A rule of thumb is to go with as surfboard with length of at least 3 ft taller than yourself and in your case anything over 8'10" would suffice. There are many 9 ft plus longboards to choose from. Go with something between 2 1/2" to 3" in thickness and something that is more than 19" wide. If you're worried about getting hit with your board, I would recommend starting with a soft top long board. However, if you feel you're tough enough to handle it and you don't want to worry about upgrading boards in a few months, go with a traditional fiberglass long board. Another alternative is to go with a funboard or mini-mal if you want to go with a smaller, less awkward and more maneuverable board. Just remember that it’s not as stable and easy to paddle as your long board and in your stage, this is the name of the game.