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C4 Waterman C4 Vortice XP 14-0
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SIZE: Length: 14' 0" to 14' 0"
Width: 26.25" to 26.25"
Thickness: 0" to 0"
MATERIAL: Carbon Fiber
FIN: Single Fin
SKILL LEVEL: Advanced Beginner - Advanced
FEATURES: Type: Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Weighs about 25lbs
RETAIL PRICE: $2599.00
USED PRICE: $0.00 - $0.00

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C4 Waterman C4 Vortice XP 14-0

Manufacturer Description
The XP "Vortice" by C4 Waterman is a hollow, carbon-fiber version of the fastest SUP paddleboard we could come up with in 4 years of races in Hawaii, and is intended to be the foundation of a 'stock' class in the increasing number of races held in the Islands. This ultralight composite racer sports twin concaves running throughout the bottom, which increases both hull speed and stability; up top, the scooped out deck lowers the paddler's center of gravity while boosting the mechanical advantage of a shorter paddle shaft. The bottom rocker was honed in the gale-torn Molokai Channel, the gold standard of every paddlesport race on Earth. If you're into racing and want to 'railroad' open-ocean swells one after another like you scarf M & Ms, then book a test flight on the XP "Vortice."

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