Overall Rating: 6.74/10
Firewire Flexflight
Firewire Flexflight
(34 Reviews)
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TYPE: Longboards
SIZE: Length: 7' 0" to 9' 6"
Width: 21.25" to 23.00"
Thickness: 2.75" to 3"
MATERIAL: Sandwich Construction
TAIL: Round,Squash,Swallow
FIN: 2+1 Fin,Tri Fin,Quad Fin,Five Fin Option
SKILL LEVEL: Advanced Starting - Advanced
USED PRICE: $0.00 - $0.00

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Firewire Flexflight

Manufacturer Description
Incorporating FUTURE SHAPES TECHNOLOGY, the FLEXFLIGHT Series features an EPS core, high density skin and PARABOLIC Balsa Rails, producing an ultra lightweight, durable longboard with the same superior performance characteristics made famous by Firewire's shortboards. The flex eliminates the chatter normally associated with a long surfboard, giving the FLEXFLIGHT Series a Cadillac-like ride - smooth and powerful.

Ratings and Reveiws (34 Reviews)

Overall Rating: 6.74/10
Paddling: 7.06/10
Stability: 7.06/10
Speed: 6.58/10
Manuevarability: 6.24/10
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9/10 By on 2009-08-03

This board is much livelier than your typcial longboard. Catches waves early and easy to turn.


9/10 By Htc on 2011-07-24

found it very fast and easy to catch small waves love the way it cuts through choppy water.turns for me on a dime, had to get use to the speed which was awsome, smiled all day getting use to its performance.


7.5/10 By Zak on 2015-06-24

The high nose rocker makes paddling slower than my nose rider with a much flatter rocker. It's extremely maneuverable and fast on medium to large waves.


6.5/10 By Jim on 0000-00-00

I can see how this board is meant for larger waves and it paddles really nice, but when it comes to those days that are really mushy and small, I fel like there is not enough board area in the front to keep the wave while I'm trying to catch it.


7/10 By Ski on 0000-00-00

Great funboard although needs proper fins.