Overall Rating: 7.78/10
Fletcher Chouinard Designs NoseGlider
Fletcher Chouinard Designs NoseGlider
(9 Reviews)
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TYPE: Longboards
SIZE: Length: 7' 0" to 9' 6"
Width: 0.00" to 0.00"
Thickness: 0" to 0"
MATERIAL: Sandwich Construction
TAIL: Round
FIN: Single Fin
SKILL LEVEL: Advanced Starting - Advanced
FEATURES: Glassed with Triple 6-oz. deck and optional 4-oz. warp glass knee patch. Double 6-oz. E glass bottom. Quadruple T-banded hemlock stringer and a single 9” Farberow Flex Fin.
USED PRICE: $0.00 - $0.00

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Fletcher Chouinard Designs NoseGlider

Manufacturer Description
The NoseGlider surfboard turns as well as it nose rides. It has a full outline in the nose combined with 50/50 rails for forgiveness and a single concave for lift and speed. The tail is wide, but rounded to smooth out turns and still hold in juicier waves, and a hard release edge. Low entry rocker for easy paddling. The Mini version is like a snappy shortboard that you can noseride. The NoseGlider is a good board for beginners as well as experienced surfers looking for something playful.

Ratings and Reveiws (9 Reviews)

Overall Rating: 7.78/10
Paddling: 8.66/10
Stability: 8.22/10
Speed: 7.34/10
Manuevarability: 6.88/10
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10/10 By D on 2011-08-11

Love this board in anything under waist high. Turns well, good speed, in early.