Overall Rating: 7/10
M10 Magnum
(2 Reviews)
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TYPE: Shortboards
SIZE: Length: 0' 0" to 0' 0"
Width: 0.00" to 0.00"
Thickness: 0" to 0"
TAIL: Squash
FIN: Tri Fin
SKILL LEVEL: Advanced Intermediate - Sponsored
USED PRICE: $0.00 - $0.00

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M10 Magnum

Manufacturer Description
Power and projection off the front foot are balanced with freedom and looseness off the tail. Strong down the line projection comes from the low entry rocker, while good curve between the feet allows for snaps off the top and hooks in the pocket without hanging up. More power from the front foot characterizes the magnum model. A pronounced flat spot under the front foot and forward a few inches before bending up, make this a good choice for the surfer who wants drive from the front foot and turning from the back. It seems to really stand out for surfers who just can't get into the Tomahawk. There's something about the signature of this curve that is absolute creamy delight for many surfers. Noi murders it on this board.

Ratings and Reveiws (2 Reviews)

Overall Rating: 7/10
Paddling: 5/10
Stability: 7/10
Speed: 7/10
Manuevarability: 9/10
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7.5/10 By Josh on 0000-00-00

Frequently get bogged down on waves and its pretty hard to catch waves even though I'm an extremely strong swimmer.