Overall Rating: 7.5/10
Surftech McTavish - Gleave
Surftech McTavish - Gleave
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TYPE: Longboards
SIZE: Length: 9' 5" to 9' 5"
Width: 22.75" to 0.00"
Thickness: 2.75" to 0"
MATERIAL: Sandwich Construction
TAIL: Squash
FIN: 2+1 Fin
SKILL LEVEL: Advanced Beginner - Advanced
FEATURES: Technology: Tuflite
RETAIL PRICE: $1014.00
USED PRICE: $0.00 - $0.00

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Surftech McTavish - Gleave

Manufacturer Description
riple Australian Champ and World Amateur champ, the Godfather of modern longboarding, Ray has style to burn! From his legendary drop-knee cutback to his elegant transitions, trims, and noserides, he’s the benchmark best! The Ray Gleave Model utilises length for smoothness and “walking room,” plus our well proven bottom shape dynamics, and can be ridden as a single-fin as well as a tri-fin. A true classic with speed and style to burn.

Ratings and Reveiws (1 Review)

Overall Rating: 7.5/10
Paddling: 10/10
Stability: 8/10
Speed: 8/10
Manuevarability: 4/10
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1 Comment


7.5/10 By Ray Gleave on 0000-00-00

Way too easy to pearl in steeper waves. Not enough rocker to keep from pearling once the nose has water on it.