SurfScience News Fall Celebration


We are totally pumped the fall is here.  Mostly because of the south swell and Santa Ana winds here in southern California.  So to celebrate, this week we are releasing one new article per day.  That is 5 new articles in a week!  Much more than our usual two a week.  And to top it all off... we will be making a BIG announcement on Friday.


So check back every day to see what new article or interview went up that day.

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Monday - Different Concaves For Your Waves

 Do you know the difference between single concaves and single to double concaves?  Find out with this article on surfboard design.




surfing science fall celebration

Tuesday - Surfers and Sunscreen vs UV Rays and Skin Cancer

The sun is something all surfers have to deal with and with the threats of skin cancer stronger than ever, you want to make sure you know how to protect yourself.




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Wednesday - Rochelle Ballard: Surf Into Yoga

Pro Surfer Rochelle Ballard talks to SurfScience how yoga can help you reflect, react, recharge and prepare your body to surf.





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Thursday - Wavegrinder Rethinks Fin Design

Wavegrinder wants you to surf faster than ever before. But you must free your mind.





surf indianFriday - The SURfiNDian

The SURfiNDian is an art gallery and surf shop that prides itself on its ability to demonstrate surfing as an art form.







The BIG announcement!

We are really excited about this and could hardly wait to share.  The surfboard match that everyone loves is getting a complete overhaul.  Thousands of surfers have taken the quiz and we decided it was time to make it even more advanced than before.


The new version will be coming out soon and you are going to like it.  Not only will it look at the factors you input, but it will take into account how surfers similar to you feel about other surfboards.  Pretty spiffy!


So check back in a week or two and bring a friend with you, because the new surfboard match is going to be like nothing else out there.


Stay Informed