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You love and all of the great information about surfing, so why not tell your friends?  If you know anyone that loves surfing or that wants to learn how, is a great place to go to learn.


They will thank you for cluing them into the best articles to help people surf better and you will be ahead of the trend.  So don't keep it a secret, spread the stoke! 


Here are some easy ways to tell your friends about



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If you have a blog that surfers read you probably already told your readers about SurfScience, but if not, here are some images you can use in your blog post.  


Some pages your readers might like:, the Surfboard Match, or the Surfboard Directory.


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Image 3: The Surfboard Directory 

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If you have a website, feel free to link to us.  You can use any of the images above, or link to one of these pages. 

Surfboard Match 

Surfboard Directory


Or Just Tell Them In Person:


SurfScience is growing fast, (sometimes faster than we can handle) we've got great interviews on the way and more surprises.  If you tell your surfing friends now, they will remember that you knew about it first.  Its easy to remember, surf - science.  Its what we do, and how we will get better at it.


Thanks and we look forward to seeing you and our new friends around the site. 

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