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Panama Surf Camps

Learning how to surf is a rewarding experience but can be difficult on your own.  Surf camps offer help from experts that help others learn how to surf all year long.  If you're interested in visiting a surf camp, here are a few great ones that you might want to check out.

Panama Surf School


Location: Playa Ed Palmar, Panama.

Skill Level: Surf lessons for ages four years old and up.  Specialize in beginners and first level surfing.

Surf Spots/ Waves Surferd: "El  Palmar beach" , a friendly consistent beach break with good size waves for beginners.  Depending on the swell and skill level of surfers, class can be moved to the following beaches: Playa Teta, Serena, Venao and Malibu.

Best Seasons: March to November. Surf is good for beginners year round.

Price: Surf Lessons - Two hour instructions with one instructor for every two students. Includes surfboard, tshirt, drinks and use of facilities. $40 per person. 

Surf Lesson Packages - This package is the minimum Panama Surf School recommends for a beginning surfer to learn the basic tools and knowledge. For lessons for $140

Surf Trip around Panama - (3 days, 5 days, or 1 week) Prices depends on how many people in the group, location and hotel accommodations.

Accommodations:  Variety of accommodations in El Palmar. The types of accommodations include hostel, hotel or beach front houses.

Notable Features:  We are in the perfect place for our clients enjoy a little of everything! Panama city welcomes tourist with restaurants and bars within driving distance.  There are lots of friendly waves and facilities.

Expect small crowds in most surf spots. To get a more local spirit, visit the interior of the country with bigger waves and simple living only a three hour drive away

Website: www.panamasurfschool

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Phone Number: 507 6673-0820


El Palmar it is a beach surf community located an hour and 20 minutes from Panama city, only a few minutes away from the town of San Carlos and Coronado. A one hour drive from Panama city towards the beach, there are lots of good qualitie waves for surf around this area. Expect point breaks and beach breaks that are mostly rights.


The Panama Surf School is located on the Pacific Ocean side. The waves are best on the Carribean side of Panama from December to March but not recommended for beginners around this time due to powerful waves and reefs.


During the year, surf school is organized in other provinces of Panama, like Venao and Santa Catalina.  Panama Surf School also offers variety of surf school trip around Panama.  The length of trips can be 3 days, 5 days or 1 week in duration. They take their students to different waves to help improve the level of surfing for their students.


Panama Surf Camp Statement:

We guarantee our clients:
A safetly and very fun adventure
Understand the love for surfing & nature
Finish very tired at the end of the day
Friendly and simple spirit from our team of instructors
Patience and insistence!!

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