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Fin Placement

Adjusting the Center Fin

So you got a longboard with an adjustable fin box.  Sweet!  But where should you put that center fin?  SurfScience has you covered. (more...)


Tribal Knowledge

Wax on, Wax off

Don't let a sloppy wax job slow down your ride. (more...)


Life As A Surfer

The Battle of the Weekend Warrior

Now that you're all grown up your time in the water has seriously decreased.  All hope is not lost though, here are some tips to help keep your stoke going. (more...)


Tribal Knowledge

How to Put that Wetsuit on Quick and Easy

Putting on a damp wetsuit can be a drag, especially at 6AM, but we've got a tip to save you some time. (more...)


Beginner Tips

Steer With Your Hands

Once you're catching waves, the next step is to start moving on the face.  This is a good way to start learning to turn. (more...)

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