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New Board Designs

AeroFlex Creating the Next Surfboard Evolution

Optimizing the flex of a surfboard seems to be the next step in the evolution of surfboard design and the AeroFlex is one step ahead. (more...)


New Board Designs

Firewire Takes a New Look at Performance

Firewire advances surfboard evolution by applying advance flex technology and construction. (more...)



The Fish

Have the Summer time blues? Ride a shorter thicker board with more width and have more fun! (more...)



Know Your Foam

Deciding which surfboard foam to use will play a large role in strength, durability, weight, and buoyancy.  (more...)



The Gun

Guns are made for big waves and most surfers never surf in conditions where they really need them.  Just in case you are one of the few and the brave, we’ll tell you a little bit about them. (more...)

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