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Life As A Surfer

Avoiding Shark Attacks

Want to surf but don't feel like getting eaten by a Great White Shark?  We asked the experts for some tips with how to stay safe. (more...)



Soft Top Surfboards: Better Than You Think

You've seen them at Costco, you've thought about buying one, but you really want a nice new hard board, well read this before making a decision. (more...)



Size Matters - Width

Does your surfbaord feel unstable?  Maybe its the width. (more...)



All Hands on Deck

Not many of us think very hard about a surfboard deck's design features and how it translates to our performance in the water. You should. (more...)



The Nose Knows

The nose of a surfboard plays a large role in how you drop into waves and how quickly you can turn. (more...)

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