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The Shortboard

Shortboards are designed to be ridden aggressively in high performance conditions.  Though they come in a wide variety of options, they are usually thin and narrow with a significant amount of entry rocker. (more...)



Hybrid Surfboards

A hybrid is a board that combines the characteristics of two boards to allow better performance in certain situations.  (more...)



The Funboard

A funboard is anything between the shape of a shortboard and a longboard.  This can include eggs, mals and mini-mals as well as a host of other creative board options.  (more...)



Other Surfboard Types

Other is a special category we have for any boards that just don’t seem to fit anywhere else.  The beauty of surfboard shaping is that the sky is the limits.  (more...)



The Longboard

A longboard is a long, wide and thick hunk of board that can make even the tiniest wave fun.  They typically have a medium amount of rocker, but because of their length, can seem almost flat. (more...)

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