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Intermediate Tips

Learn the S Stroke and Catch Everything

For those of us that aren't Michael Phelps, paddling can get pretty grueling.  Here is a tip to get some extra power out of your arms. (more...)


Fin Placement

You Put the Fin Where?? (A Guide To Surfboard Fin Placement)

Surfboard fin placement can totally change the way handling and speed interact on your board, the problem is you only get one try per board. (more...)


Fin Setups

Quads Offer Speed and More

Quads have made a comeback in popularity over the past few years as pros have once again started riding them.  How do they differ from their three fin counterparts? Read on! (more...)


Fin Setups

What to Expect From a Single Fin

Riding a single fin can be a challenge, but it might just add a bit of spark back into your surfing. (more...)



The Mini Mal

The Mini Mal is great for beginners, but can be fun for anyone. (more...)

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